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Multi-role 3D radar for the detection and tracking of ground and low-flying targets

About ReGuard

ReGuard radar is a multi-role 3D radar for the detection and tracking of ground targets and slow low-flying targets with a small radar cross section (LSS) simultaneously. Radar ReGuard searches space by utilizing electronic beam steering and mechanical rotation of the radar head.

Instrumental range 18 km, altitude coverage 3 km for LSS targets

Instrumental range 18 km for ground targets

Deployment time under 10 minutes

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ReGuard - flying drone detection

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  • 3D AESA with steering in both elevation and azimuth
  • Rapid space searching using multiple received beams
  • Full solid-state technology
  • Monopulse processing in both azimuth and elevation for accurate evaluation of coordinates
  • Advanced signal and data processing for clutter suppression (including birds and cars)
  • Networking capability (ASTERIX output, remote control, etc.)
  • Built-in test equipment for automatic system diagnostics
  • 24/7 Operation capability

Key features

  • Easy integration on masts, rooftops, poles, stands, vehicles
  • Multi – role utilization – broad variety of detectable objects, simultaneous tracking of ground and air targets
  • Compact size and low weight
  • Passive cooling without fans
  • Simple maintenance
  • Long term support as part of the product life cycle

Operational modes

ReGuard operates in sector or rotational mode. Each mode utilizes different method of scanning the space in azimuth. When the radar scans is in sector mode, its beam is steered only electronically both in azimuth and elevation. While scanning rotationally the radar sensor head revolves on a turntable and the electronic steering of the beam is primarily used in elevation. Steering in azimuth provides rapid confirmation of detection when initiating track and enhances the quality of tracking while scanning (TWS). The ReGuard is configurable in each operational mode according to individual deployment requirements.



The radar head is mounted on a tripod making it convenient for temporary deployment. This configuration, which allows for an easy location change, is appropriate for the temporary securing of important geographical points or border control.


Being fixed at a stationary location like a building or on a pole makes this configuration suitable for sustaining long term security of valuable assets such as power plants, airports, chemical factories, industrial facilities etc.


A highly mobile configuration since the radar head can be fitted on a vehicle or any other customer-designed platform. Facilitates the rapid patrolling of designated areas like large gatherings, concerts, VIP zones.

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